My research area focuses on building computer architectures that enable unique ways for improving compute efficiency, network performance and provide reactive capabilities to adapt to changing environments, through seamless interaction of software and hardware. I have applied this approach to tailor compute/network architectures in different domains such as automotive embedded systems, cognitive radio systems and internet of things. A key enabler for his research is fully programmable platforms (or reconfigurable hardware), which enables both the software and the underlying hardware to be adapted to the compute requirements and specifications, either statically (i.e., at design time) or dynamically (i.e., at run-time). My current research focusses on decentralised compute architectures, in-network computation and domain specific accelerators with the aim of pushing compute closer to the producers and consumers of information in connected systems.

Circuits and Systems Group

The Circuits and Systems group brings together academics and researchers within the department with interests in analog and digital circuits modelling and design, to explore architectures and system models for application in wireless communications and networks, embedded computation, and autonomous adaptive systems.


Currently, I have a fully funded Ph.D position available. If you are interested in pursuing a research degree, feel free to send me an email. Candidates with a background in hardware design with Verilog/VHDL are encouraged to apply; a Masters degree or having an industrial experience in a related area is a significant advantage.